We are in the real Tuscany, with its many facets. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself amazed watching the colors of a sunset over the water or if you fall in love with a hidden alley while walking in the hilly village.

Not everyone knows that San Vincenzo and the whole valley are popular with sports and history buffs. We are located in the territory of the Val di Cornia Parks, an undisputed stop for those who want to alternate days relaxing on the beach or at the spa with a bit of culture.

The Val di Cornia park ticket offers a you discount because we are a partner company; just ask us for a really terrific rate. For young and old alike, this is a good opportunity for a cultural tour that is never boring.

… You will dream of becoming a daredevil archaeologist when visiting the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia with a visit to the Etruscan necropolis and the discovery of Roman remains; here children also have the opportunity to participate in short workshops suitable for all ages;

… You will be surprised by an experienced Miner in the mines of the Archaeological Park of San Silvestro, suitable for children, who will enjoy going into the underground tunnels aboard a little train of wagons;
.. You will turn into a fierce Knight on reaching the Rocca di San Silvestro, where you can observe the sea of San Vincenzo from above and the thick pine forests ranging from Castagneto to Livorno;

… Share your excitement with marine biologists at the natural beauties of Rimigliano and coastal parks of Sterpaia (did you know that Mama turtle deposited an egg in May, in the Park of Rimigliano?)

It’s up to you to choose the hat that you wear: archaeologist, miner, knight or biologist. Every job has a different story!




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